Balen Shah will be inspiration for youths in politics

KATHMANDU : Rapper Balen Shah has announced to contest for the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. He announced through his social media that he would run for the post in the upcoming election to make the Nepali people happy. “This is now time for youth. We will save the Valley by ourselves,” the 31 years old structural engineer wrote on his social media handle. “I have been thinking about this for two or three years now. Now there are four to five months left until the election. Everyone said they would develop the city, but it has become limited to dreams. What is important to me is how I can make the people happy.” He further wrote, “I want to pursue what makes my home, family, people and country happy. It can be by removing the pollution or filling the potholes on the roads. I am contesting for the post of mayor for the happiness of the people. People should be happy.”

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